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how to remove a spare disk


I have a FAS2220 HA with dataontap 8.1.2

the first controleur owns 12 disks

the second controler owns 24 disks from a 4243 shelf

the root aggregate is badly configured we miss a spare disk we should have 2

raidgroup 1 has 11 disk

raidgroup 2 has 12 disks

1 spare disk

seems that it is not possible to remove a disk from one raidgroup

so I wanted to reinitialize the controler (there is no data on this controler)

if I choose option menu 4 nothing happend ... after a reinitialisation time the controler reboots with the same configuration ??? what is this option for?

there is no option menu 4a

can some one help me to find a solution to remove a disk from the second raid group?

I need not to loose the SP port cause the controler is not accessible

thanks for your help


Re: how to remove a spare disk

There is no 4a because you can create only flexvol root. Option 4 does not change which disks are owned, but it will create root aggregate consisting of 3 disks, all other disks will be spare. Are you sure you are looking at the correct controller?

Re: how to remove a spare disk

If I understand the question correctly.

You can't remove disks from an aggregate

You must destroy it and rebuild it if you want to have 2 spare disks.

Re: how to remove a spare disk

thanks it works

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