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CDP support in presence of 10G interfaces?

I have 4 filers connected to two groups of switches (Cisco 3750E and Nexus 5010) with 1G and 10G ports. Filers are FAS3170 and FAS6240 with 8.0.2P6. I enabled cdpd on filers but got extremely weird results

a) switches do not show 10G filer ports at all

b) switches correctly show 1G filer ports connected to 3750 (there is no 1G ports on Nexus)

c) filers do not actually show any port on connected Cisco, neither 1G nor 10G

d) filers do show directly connected ports of each other (like ACP or one ports that were used for snapmirror seeding)

I have another HA pair connected to Cisco 3750G with 1G interfaces only and exactly the same Data ONTAP and there it is mostly OK; at least filers do show connected switch ports.

Both 3750 and Nexus correctly display connected ports of each other (with exception of Nexus management port, but I do not know if CDP is active there at all).

Anyone has seen this before? May be there is open BURT already, in which case I will try to open case.


Re: CDP support in presence of 10G interfaces?

Same here, within a HA PAIR, 1 node shows all interface (4 10GB and 1 e0m) but the other node does show only the e0m, not the 10GB interfaces.

Both nodes are identical (i think ;-))


Re: CDP support in presence of 10G interfaces?

Never mind, found out at the support site, it will not work with tagged vlans

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