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how to use config restore on 7mod



I want to make a test for restoring a configuration after a DR on 7-MOD


For my test 

i create a new vol and qtree with NFS exports

i make a backup with config dump <conf_file>


i delete the vol


I try to restore the conf with config restore <conf_file>

Nothing happens  ( my vol is not beeing appears)


i make a takeover/giveback


Nothing has changed , my vol is not  beeing appears



Somebody can help me ?


Re: how to use config restore on 7mod

restoring the config file will not get your volume back after you deleted it. For that, you'll need a DR backup (snapmirror). You can also restore a volume from an aggregate snapshot. However, that would require restoring the entire aggregate (or copy the aggregate and then restore the specific volume from the aggr snapshot)

Re: how to use config restore on 7mod


so how works the config restore ?


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