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iSCSI lun to FC lun

Hello Guys,


I have a iSCSI LUN (produtction) and i want to convert in FC LUN. It ´s possible? i hahe a FC infra working fine.


Thank you very much!




Re: iSCSI lun to FC lun

Editing my comment as I too finite in my reading of the question.


xavierpitz method mentioned below should do the trick. You'll just need to make sure the new igroup is configured for FCP


Re: iSCSI lun to FC lun

Thank You 

Have a good day.


Re: iSCSI lun to FC lun



What about :


- Stopping IOs to the LUN.

- Offlining the LUN.

- Unmapping the LUN from the iSCSI igroup.

- Mapping it to the new FCP igroup.

- Re-onlining the LUN.


I mean as long as the content of the LUN : partition table / filesytem(s) included are compatible with the OS from the target FCP server, why not ?


This is how I already migrated LUNs from iSCSI to FCP servers, but if you want to backup/restore it's up to you.

You could at least try ;). Take a snapshot before doing so.


Xavier Pitz

Check out the KB!
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