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iSCSI traffic on e0M interface


I am looking for iSCSI traffic to go through e0M interface. But, iSCSI client error out saying "Login I/O error, failed". On NetApp Filer console  I see below error

"Mon Dec 16 03:26:31 GMT [bgl-ucsm-netapp-filer-A: iscsi.warning:warning]: ISCSI: network interface e0M disabled for use; discarding incoming connection from initiator IP addr"

I do understand that e0M should not be used for data traffic, but I am not looking for any performance here.  I went through discussion https://communities.netapp.com/thread/17020. but I did not find any answer. My Data ONTAP version is 8.0.1 -7-mode. Any help appreciated.

bgl-ucsm-netapp-filer-A> options interface



interface.blocked.iscsi      e0b

interface.blocked.mgmt_data_traffic off        (value might be overwritten in takeover)





Re: iSCSI traffic on e0M interface

Please show output of “iscsi interface show -a”


Re: iSCSI traffic on e0M interface


netapp-filer-A> iscsi interface show

Interface e0a enabled

Interface e0b enabled

Interface e1a enabled

Interface e1b enabled

Interface e2a enabled

Interface e2b enabled

Interface e2c enabled

Interface e2d enabled


Re: iSCSI traffic on e0M interface

A case where you have to check multiple places...you can disable from iscsi interface, or you can block with options (and disabled or blocked will prevent access).  In this case e0b isn't allowed because of options even though in the interface show list since it is in the blocked list.  But even though the management interface isn't blocked it isn't showing in the interface list as an available interface so it won't work.  I wouldn't use e0M for any data though (no VLAN support, and if a 3200 it is 100Megabit)...and in most new installs we don't use e0M just to prevent any issues.  Even for cDOT node management I prefer gigabit or 10 gigabit NIC or ifgrp for the lif.

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