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ifgrp configurarion and Cisco Nexus w/VPC


I have an ifgrp created as follows where it is being connected to a Cisco Nexus using VPC, I would like to know what the balancing method should be configured in the Nexus LACP, understanding that it must be the same as this one in the Netapp "Port" put on Nexus several options of "port" causing me confusion for which the correct to ask the network team.


ifgrp create -node <node> -ifgrp a0a -distr-func port -mode multimode_lacp


Re: ifgrp configurarion and Cisco Nexus w/VPC


When you create the LACP ifgrp on the NetApp, you will need to add ports to an interface group.

Adding a port to an interface group

From the Cisco side. Each connected port on the switch need to be in the same VPC with mode active.

Troubleshooting LACP port channel/ interface groups

Re: ifgrp configurarion and Cisco Nexus w/VPC


Hi mjizzini Thanks for the answer. My question is what is the balancing mode on the Nexus side, since we have all of these as shown below

Destination MAC address

Source MAC address

Source and destination MAC address

Destination IP address

Source IP address

Source and destination IP address

Source TCP/UDP port number

  • Destination TCP/UDP port number

  • Source and destination TCP/UDP port number

Re: ifgrp configurarion and Cisco Nexus w/VPC


The only guidance we could find internally is on page 13 of https://www.netapp.com/media/16885-tr-4182.pdf

Port.Use this distribution method for optimal load-balancing results. However, it doesn’t lend itself as well to troubleshooting, because the TCP/UDP port of a packet is also used to determine the physical port that is used to send a particular packet. It has also been reported that switches operating in particular modes (mapping MAC/IP/port) might exhibit lower than expected performance in this mode.

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