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inactive data reporting and backup server


I just upgraded to netapp 9.6 and i would like to use idr to estimate my cold data


my problem is that i have a netbackup server that make backup on this volume though nas


is there way to tell the idr process not to consider the ip of my netbackup server as a normal access and that this

access doesn't warm the data. 





No, you cannot set something like ignore that IP.


What you can do is adjust the age out of data so they get tiered to the secondary storage (StorageGrid, Amazon, Azure, etc) before the backup runs.


Once they are tiered, depending on the tiering policy, even if they are backed up, they will continue on the capacity tier and will not be back to the performance tier.


"How tiering policies work with cloud migration" - https://docs.netapp.com/us-en/ontap/fabricpool/tiering-policies-concept.html#how-tiering-policies-work-with-cloud-migration


I hope that helps...


Thanks for your answer

i m not at the stage of tiering

i just want to evaluate my hot and cold data for sizing a solution. 


what s about snapvault

does it warm cold data? 


AFAIK,  snapvault does not do warm/cold data.    Only tiering can do that.

Also,  assuming you are using AFF,  enabling IDR is fine.  However,  if you are using FAS,  you might want to upgrade to the version of Ontap that resolve Bug 1356106


Another option is don't tier out backups (why would you unless tiering snapshot-only)? Maybe set up your backups to use a separate FlexVol and then run IDR on everything else but that.