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ldap configuration for multidomain envirement

We have windows forest with 3 sub-domain. For example:

company.com  (forest root domain)

a.company.com (sub domain)

b.company.com (sub domain)

c.company.com (sub domain)

All the user accounts and groups  are on the sub domains.

We have Linux systems and I have to configure ldap configuration on NetApp filer.

My configuration works very well with only one domain. NetApp filer cant search sub-domains.

"options ldap.ADdomain" is very critical. if empty, it cant find any user. if entered one domain, it can find only users on that domain. ldap.ADdomain accepts only one entry.

I have used ldap or Global catalog servers from all domains but I cant find correct configuration.

What is solution for sub-domain environment.



Re: ldap configuration for multidomain envirement

This document (bullet 7.1.3) describes this limitation. But this document is old. Is the current release has the same limitation?


Re: ldap configuration for multidomain envirement

I'm having a similar issue.  were you ever able to resolve this?

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