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lun offline due to size vs volume




one of our LUN has been brought offline due to lack of space on the volume, we have no snapshop space reservation, but lun used size is slightly bigger than lun size / volume: how can this happen? a lun used size going over lun defined size


lun show:


          Volume Name: volxxx
          Qtree Name: ""
          LUN Name: lunxxx
          LUN Size: 1.70TB
          OS Type: windows_2008
          Space Reservation: disabled
          Space Reservations Honored: false
          Space Allocation: disabled
          State: online
          LUN UUID: 95141467-897a-4dde-8433-8473c39a068c
          Mapped: mapped
           Block Size: 512
          Device Legacy ID: -
          Device Binary ID: -
          Device Text ID: -
          Read Only: false
          Inaccessible Due to Restore: false
          Used Size: 1.71TB
          Maximum Resize Size: 10.29TB
          Creation Time: 1/26/2016 16:40:19
          Class: regular
          Clone: false
          Clone Autodelete Enabled: false
           QoS Policy Group: -


vol show:

            Volume name: volxxx

            Filesystem Size: 1.70TB
            Total User-Visible Size: 1.70TB
            Used Size: 1.71TB


Thank you!!


Re: lun offline due to size vs volume




when u set lun size, it's the space user can use. but all luns need prefix and suffix, and wafl needs space to put all the structure of this big lun file as well.

hopefully helps





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