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message log on cDOT



I have a cDOT 8.2.2 install and the messages always appear empty unlike my 7-mode systems which log lots of useful information. How do I enable the verbocity of the message logs on cDOT?

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Re: message log on cDOT


Hi -


There is nothing to "enable" regarding the message log.  Rather, the log files are in a new location in cDot.  In what was traditionally the "/etc" directory there is a sub-directory "mlog".  The messages log and a whole ton of other logging is located under this sub-directory.  The old traditional "messages" file had been used for the brief moment during node startup before cDot really kicked in for older versions of cDot - you might have gotten one or two lines in an old file before the new logging locations took over.  In modern cDot I don't think it's even that much anymore.


Since you are on cDot 8.2+, you have available the SPI web interface to access logging and other data under the node's "/etc" directory, which is the preferred access.  You'll see the "mlog" directory just under the "messages" file listed in the web interface.  Click through and scroll down to the messages section of the logs.


For anyone looking for details on the SPI web interface, the NetApp referece is here.


Of course, if needed, you can access the files through the systemshell, but you'd likely only need that route in conjunction with NetApp support on a significant problem.



Hope this helps.


Bob Greenwald

Lead Storage Engineer, Consilio LLC

NCIE SAN cDOT | NCIE Data Protection


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Re: message log on cDOT


Hi Bob,

Many thanks for that response, that is exactly what I was looking for - Thank you!


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