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ndmpcopy from Isilon to clustered ontap 8.3?




We are trying to ndmpcopy 5 million of files from Isilon to clustered ontap 8.3. we have all syntax, username/password, paths correct but we always get the same failure (RESTORE: Error: Bad header block.)


Ndmpcopy: Starting copy [ 7 ] ...
Ndmpcopy: source_isilon: Notify: Connection established
Ndmpcopy: desitnation_cdot: Notify: Connection established
Ndmpcopy:  source_isilon: Connect: Authentication successful
Ndmpcopy: desitnation_cdot: Connect: Authentication successful
Ndmpcopy: desitnation_cdot: Log: Session identifier: 56456
Ndmpcopy: desitnation_cdot: Log: Session identifier for Restore : 56456
Ndmpcopy: desitnation_cdot: Log: RESTORE: Error: Bad header block.
Ndmpcopy: desitnation_cdot: Log: RESTORE: Could not initialize media.
Ndmpcopy: desitnation_cdot: Log: RESTORE: RESTORE IS ABORTED
Ndmpcopy: desitnation_cdot: Log: DATA: Operation terminated: EVENT: INTERNAL ERROR
Ndmpcopy: desitnation_cdot: Connection halted: HALT: Internal error!
Ndmpcopy: Notify: Transfer failed
Ndmpcopy: Done


Note if I specify the source with a path from another NetApp running cDOT, it runs fine. Has anybody had experience doing ndmpcopy from Isilon to cDOT or any suggestions what went wrong?




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