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network port vlan delete -node node_a -vlan-name e4b-42


When I typed

network port vlan delete -node node_a -vlan-name e4b-42

I would get this response

Error: command failed: Cannot remove port that is a member of failover rule.

It was hard to fathom this response since I had done this before. Besides I knew there were no LIFs on the port. What could be the matter?

The Network Management Guide even says

When you delete a VLAN, it is automatically removed from all failover rules and groups that use it."

Ah, but then I realised that the Network Management Guide also says:

Before you begin

Ensure that there are no LIFs associated with the VLAN.

Well, migrating the LIF isn't enough. I had to re-home it. It would have saved me some time if the error message had told me that.

net interface modify -home-node node_a -vserver senfs02 a_fs02_e4b-42 -home-port e3b

  (network interface modify)

net interface revert -vserver senfs02 a_fs02_e4b-42

  (network interface revert)

Now I can delete the VLAN port.

net port vlan delete -node node_a e4b-42

  (network port vlan delete)

So I hope that helps someone else in a similar bind.

Now my real problem is to figure out

  1. why ports e4a and e4b just don't seem to work at all, even after connecting to a different switch
  2. why the VLAN Tagging didn't seem to work
  3. If the real fault is 1, 2 or both.

It's a Brocade 10Gb network.



Thanks!  This helped me today in the middle of a head swap!

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