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nfs.persistent.enable question

Hi all,

We are getting ready to upgrade our arrays from ontap 8.1.3 7-mode to 8.2.1 7-mode.

Upgrade adviser in one section says:

Ensure nfs.persistent.enable is ON before proceeding with



Check whether  nfs.persistent.enable is on

priv set diag

registry get nfs.persistent.enable

If  nfs.persistent.enable is not on,execute the following command:

registry set nfs.persistent.enable on

Once  nfs.persistent.enable is on,proceed with the upgrade.

NOTE: If this option is not on, it may result in an NFS outage.

So I go to check what the setting is now, and there is no such registry or option  nfs.persistent.enable

So I figure this option does not exist in v8.1.x

Is this something that we need to worry about ?

Or is this something we need to set immediately after, or is the default set to on ?

Is this a bug in the UA since this option apparently does not exist until v8.2.x ?


---- walter


Re: nfs.persistent.enable question

We saw the same thing. I even used "priv set diag; registry walk" to verify that the line was missing. It appears that you have to set the command first before you can get it.

priv set diag

registry set nfs.persistent.enable on

registry get nfs.persistent.enable

Re: nfs.persistent.enable question

Thanks Phillip!

Can anyone point me to a place on netapp where the registry options are explained ?

Have not been able to find such a place as of yet.


Re: nfs.persistent.enable question

In fact this option does not exist in ontap 8.1. It is available only from 8.2 onwards. The reason for this is that 8.1 or earlier releases does not require that..!

Sometimes, depending on the environment, the license DB(v2 licenses, which starts from 8.2) will take some time to initialize. By that time, NFS would already have completed startup. As the result, NFS would be unable to find an installed license, and will fail to start. By setting this option "nfs.persistent.enable" to on, you can avoid this problem.

The advanced and diag privilege level commands are supposed to be issued by the customer only if asked to do so by NetApp support. This is because those commands can become dangerous to the data/configuration if not used properly. Use caution while using such commands.There is no public document that explains the "hidden" options. For other options, check the man page "man options".

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