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nfsstat -l equiv in CDOT


Hello Guys,


Need your help again 😉


I've actually misused nfsstat -l in 7-mode to find out which systems connect to a mountpath / vfiler... but this thing doesn't exist anymore in CDOT so the most likely thing I have is:


network connections active show -vserver <vserver> -service NFS*


Problem with it is it only shows me current connections... so a Server that connects to the mounthpath once a day for a transfer / backup job, will drop and I won't see. Secondly what was really useful about nfsstat is that it would show me the exact OPS that were done since started and that's also not covered.


I can do that with:

statistics start -object volume|nfs -sample-id volnfs_sample
statistics show -sample-id volnfs_sample -counter vserver_name|nfs_read_latency|nfs_read_ops|nfs_total_ops

but it's very ugly and I need to scroll down through all the svms to find the one I need. On top it doesn't show me the nfs clients that connected to it...

There is as well:


statistics top client show


Fantastic thing, shows me what's going on right now! but yet again it fails to show me reported information so I can figure out the essential thing... which is which nfs client connects to my svm?

It thought of getting the information with pktt start interface but the problem there is that it's just way too much information and to sort uniq ip's in a 10GB file... plus I might have several SVMs connection on one interface... so not really the one either...

If you have any ideas, your input would be much appreciated!

Thank you,