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non disruptive failover for cifs session



I m wondering how i can manage to have non disrutive failover for cifs session. 

As far as i can see i should use continuous availability but i see it s not really good

for other things than 

Hyper-V over SMB and SQL over SMB.

Can i use it for general share like home share? 


Re: non disruptive failover for cifs session


No, using continuously available share property is unsupported for workloads other than the ones mentioned.


SMB2/3 failover in general will be minimally disruptive by default due to durable handles and other features, so your end users likely won't notice failovers/givebacks in a majority of cases.

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Re: non disruptive failover for cifs session


As @parisi  said - in SMB 2+ we usually don't see an impact. Just make sure the clients indeed use SMB 2+, as things like un-delegated CNAME aliases can get it to fallback to SMB1


vserver cifs session show -vserver vserver_name -protocol-version SMB1

or PS:

Get-NcCifsSession -Controller $clustersSessions | ? {$_.ProtocolVersion -eq "smb1" -or $_.AuthMechanism -match "ntlm"} | select vserver,WindowsUser,Address,AuthMechanism,ProtocolVersion -Unique

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