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ossv backups fail as unable to connect to primary source


We are trying out utilising ossv to backup our client's systems, and have been unable to get a test system to work. Unfortunately, the error messages I have been getting aren't helpful enough to diagnose and resolve the issue, so I'm hoping for some help to narrow down where the problem is.


The trial system consists of a 7 mode simulator virtual machine and a windows 2012 virtual machine running in a vmware vcloud environment. We're using the sim as our production systems are all running in clustered mode, which doesn't support ossv at this time. I have managed to setup Netapp Management Console to talk to both the windows 2012 vm as a primary data source, and the 7 mode sim as a backup resource, but when attempting to perform the initial backup the 7 mode file is not able to connect to the 2012 vm to begin the backup. The errors I am getting are not detailed enough to determine where the problem lies. Both machines are on the same subnet, they are able to both ping each other and windows firewall is off. I am able to login from the windows vm to the 7 filer using putty, and the 7 filer is manageable both through the Management Console and System Manager.

I'm guessing the issue is an issue with the svlistener.exe process listening on port 10566 (see telnet results below) but I can't confirm, and don't know what to do even if it is.




7 mode sim:     Built from the 8.2.1 source provided by netapp. There is an empty aggregrate with enough space. IP address of


Windows 2012 vm:  Running the below installs, installed from scratch. IP address Windows Firewall is turned off

     Netapp Management Console 3.3P2

     Netapp OnCommand Core 5.2R1 x64

     Netapp OnCommand System Manager 3.1

     OSSV 3_0_1_2011FEB17_x64_RC (latest release I could find)

     Netapp Host Agent 2.7


In Management Console I have created a Test dataset with a Physical Data Type with a Remote backups only Protection Policy. The protection Status is Uninitialized, is Nonconformant, with a Resource Status of Normal.

     For the Primary data Physical Resources I have set C: to be backed up (I removed system state to try and get everything all running).

     I have not specified a Resource pool for the primary data as I don't think it's required (I can't find where this is specified in the documentation)

      For the Backup data I have not set any resources, as I have specified a Resource Pool of aggr01, an empty resource pool of 38GB on the filer. (see dataset image attached)

  In Hosts, node1 (7 mode sim) has on online system status, login credentials are good, NDMP status is Up and NDMP Credentials are good. It is licensed for both SnapVault Data ONTAP Primary and Secondary, and SnapVault Windows Primary (see storage system image)

MSDC (windows 2012 vm) has a host system status of online, Host Agent Status of Detected, Host Agent credentials are Good, NDMP status is Up and Credentials are Good (see host agent image attached)

The error I get when running conformation is "Failed to create relationship :source:MSDC:C:/ destination: node1:/MSDC/Cxx", with a reason of "node1: cannot connect to source filer"

The backup volume on the filer is successfully provisioned (see conformance image attached), but each time I try the job fails at the Relationship Create Progress step with the same "node1: cannot connect to source filer" error (see job failure image attached)

During a job attempt, the error messages at the console of the filer indicate that connection to the source filer is the issue, but it doesn't state what goes wrong other than "cannot connect to source filer" (see 7mode image attached).

Telnetting shows that there is something listening on port 10000 (top of telnet image attached), but when attempting to connect to port 10566 nothing happens (see bottom of telnet image attached). netstat -abno shows that svlistener.exe is attached to both ports locally as per the netstat image attached.

I have rebooted this vm a number of times and the issue has not resolved itself. Any help would be appreciated.


Re: ossv backups fail as unable to connect to primary source


Whats the output of:


(is snapvault licensed?)

options snapvault.enable

(is it enabled?)

options snapvault.access

(Is this host in the list of valid hosts with permissions to connect?

Can you ping the OSSV host from the filer?

Id recommend reading TR-3466 OSSV Best practices.  It steps through the setup.

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Re: ossv backups fail as unable to connect to primary source


The filer was fully licensed.

Reading through your response I realised I had been pinging the ossv server using the ip address, not the computer name. Pinging via that failed. I updated /etc/hosts as there's no dns in this arrangement and it's now doing something (normally it fails very quickly). Much appreciated.

Re: ossv backups fail as unable to connect to primary source


Hi Jarett,

i have existing relations ossv backups running from host(source) to netapp filer(destination). iam getting the below error stating backup not taking since 21 july.

SnapVault Replica: Out of Date.

A backup relationship between windosw2003:E:/OraBack and netapp:ossv_volume has not been backed up since 28 Jul 00:05.

i checked on /et/messages and /etc/log/snapmirror no use.

iam looking for solutiong to fix the error and ossv backups to run properly.


Muni Obbu

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