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Problem of resizing Quota of a Qtree


Hi everybody,

Before Explaining my problem

Below the version of the system : Data ONTAP Release 7.3.4P4

Below my problem :

I have an error on the status field which is /vol/vol10 is full (using or reserving 100% of space and 21% of inodes, using 100% of reserve).

When I checked this vol10 in Volumes > Quotas > Report > View Volume vol10

I have 1 QTREE which has a problem.

Below the issue :

VolumeQTreeTypeUserTargetDisk LimitThresholdFile Limit

        vol10               QTREE1     tree                                *        6234700652 6650000000                     6615794

The message I have from the red explanation point is "Quota has exceeded 90% of the hard limit"

When I see the QTREE1's size disk below the information I got:

Size = 4.67 TB

Free Space = 2.21 GB

As a result, the size set up in the Hard Disk Limit and the Size Disk is different.

How can it be possible ?

Somebody can help me about this issue ?

Somebody can give me a procedure in order to avoid this error message ?

Thanks !!!


Re: Problem of resizing Quota of a Qtree


Nobody wants to help me..........?

Re: Problem of resizing Quota of a Qtree


First of all you've said multiple things.. Your volume is 100% and your quota is exceeded.

I personally don't use gui's, but i imagine you are looking at filerview. 

We need to see a df -Vg of the volume and then we might be able to assist.

Also your ontap version is VERY old.  7.3.4, is IONS old... If your controller can support it, you might want to consider upgrading

Re: Problem of resizing Quota of a Qtree



Yes I know that the Version is very old, but unfortunately,

I have already warned the team and… no they have to make a decision.

Meanwhile, see in the attached file the screenshot of the command you asked me to execute.



Re: Problem of resizing Quota of a Qtree


Seems that nobody has already met this issue...

I am a beginner in NetApp. At least if somebody could help me I would appreciate.


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