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qos on vmdk file


What is the best method to set qos policy to vmdk files.

Basically the vmdk is located in a nfs exported /volume/qtree and is in a directory.

Vmware manage the name, so the name can contains blanks and specials caracters.


file modify -vserver gdcsvm311 -volume dft_nfs_vmware_sl3wclu12_sys_05 -file "SRV1224 -  DB Oracle ETA Dev+Test_2.vmdk" -qos-policy-group medium 


Error: command failed: Unable to access file "SRV1224 -  DB Oracle ETA Dev+Test_2.vmdk". Reason: File not found


Follow that, I have two problems


1) impossible, as in 7M, to locate the file with a ls command in diag mode.

2) the command "file modify" don't have a qtree parameter, I don't know how the -file parameter must be specified.


Any help appreciated?



Re: qos on vmdk file

Hi François,

I did some test with vmdk file and qos.

The command that I used was this:


file modify -vserver vmware_upgrade -volume vmware_upgrade_sata -file /dcfarm01/dcfarm01.vmdk -qos-policy-group test


I think that you miss the "/" character and if you have blank space you can use " character.



After that you can test the qos.

On my side the qos was never applied, after many ticket opened, NetApp had opened a bug (985740).


Tell me if you have more luck.



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Re: qos on vmdk file

Hi Roberto,

That worked for me, I had to set policy to -flat vmdk file.




Re: qos on vmdk file

Hi François,

the qos on the vmdk works well?


Can you post the correct pattern of the command.




Re: qos on vmdk file

Hello Roberto,

I used the same command you specified, I had just to use the flat extent vmdk file, no results with the other one.


-rw------- 1 root root 225485783040 Mar 22 14:45 GDC01224 - Cronet DB Oracle ETA Dev+Test_2-flat.vmdk
-rw------- 1 root root 674 Mar 22 01:29 GDC01224 - Cronet DB Oracle ETA Dev+Test_2.vmdk




Re: qos on vmdk file

Thanks Roberto, this was helpful.

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