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"CIFS Top" in cDOT 9.1

I remember a while back I heard the "CIFS top" command would be re-instroduced to cDOT 9.1, without an issues regarding performance, etc

Does anyone have the latest on this command or a better way to find the top CIFS users by IOPs, etc?


This article is the only thing I have been able to find but its not for cDOT:




Re: "CIFS Top" in cDOT 9.1



Please refer https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/ka31A00000013SAQAY/How-to-track-top-CIFS-and-NFS-clients-in-ONTAP-9?language=en_US

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Re: "CIFS Top" in cDOT 9.1

Thanks for the reply, I am aware of this command but it does not display by CIFS user like the old 7 mode functionality. Customers are using terminal serves in some instances and can't identify offenders just by IP address. Is there another option?
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