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"kSMF service thread held > 25 (sec)"


We had a part of a vmware cluster go down this morning when a VMFS volume containing some iSCSI VMs apparently became unreachable for a period of time.


The only thing we see in the Netapp logs is:


Event: ksmf.svc.watchdog: "kSMF service thread held > 25 (sec) by application for table d_vdisk_lun"
Message Name :
Sequence Number :
Description :
This message occurs when an application is taking too long to complete a kSMF operation.
Action :


Anyone seen this?


Would this error reflect a lockup on the Netpp side, or would this error be a side effect of the iSCSi network connectivity going away for a while? I could not find any info in Google search for this error string....




Re: "kSMF service thread held > 25 (sec)"


might be a performance issue


do a search for 'toolong' in the EMS log


Is the system sending Autosupport? If yes, you can ping me (private message) the serial number and I'll have a look


Is there an open case?

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