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"network ping -node cluster1-01 -destination remote IC IP"is not working


I wanted to confirm with you all what is the right input to the command, since I could not get it work in my 2 clusters environment, the SM across two clusters are working, but this command is not.


So, what does cluster-01 exactly represent here? an local cluster IC ip, any data lif, or...

remote IC IP will be a remote IC IP which can be fond by "net int show".


Please shed some light for me.



@netappmagic wrote:
[ ... ]

So, what does cluster-01 exactly represent here? an local cluster IC ip, any data lif, or...

[ ... ]

To directly address the above question:

'cluster-01' (or 'cluster1-01' as in the subject) specifies a node that you want the ping request to be sent from. You can get a list of node names available in your cluster by using a "node show" or "cluster show" command.



Based on the syntax, I don't have to use "-vserver xx -lif yy" as the option, I can use "-node node-1" as the option as following:

network ping -node node-1 -destination "remote IP"


my problem is, on this cluster, the command above doesn't work on any one of nodes in the cluster. On the other cluster, it is working fine.



How could I know which lif will this command be using to send ping packets out?


For the network ping command you are saying that you want the outbound ping to be send from the "node" that has been identified in the command. But it can be confusing to understand exactly which lif it's being sent from.


If you want to be more granular you canl specify the "-lif-owner" and the "-lif" in the network ping command. Then you will know 100% what lif is being used. Try it out, I think you will like it.


the-cluster::> network ping ?
   { [-node] <nodename>                  Node
   |  -lif-owner <vserver>               LIF Owner
     [-lif] <lif-name>                   Logical Interface
   [-destination] <Remote InetAddress>   Destination
  [ -show-detail|-s [true] ]             Show Detail Output
  [ -record-route|-R [true] ]            Record Route
  [ -verbose|-v [true] ]                 Show All ICMP Packets
  [ -packet-size <integer> ]             Packet Size
  [ -count <integer> ]                   Count
  [ -wait <integer> ]                    Wait between Packets (secs)
  [ -disallow-fragmentation|-D [true] ]  Disallow Packet Fragmentation (default: false)

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