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re: FAS2040


Hi there I am starting from scratch to install a FAS2040 is there a setup guide any where I am not finding one

also any help would be appreciated.



Which part?  the modify ACLs?   



ok here is whats happening trying to get backuppc 4.3.2 to write to the san

and its failing due to permissions I feeling like


backuppc is running, I can send a request to start a full backup

bu then fails right away  the logs are not helpful

my fas2040 is 8.0.2 node 7

nfs 3,4 is enabled


the mount point is up

its just not writing to the share in the mount point



all sorted, backup running fine now ...


had to duplicate the root user because of ownership not letting go

dump all resources in to the new user and re set the permissions


also running rsync .. so few more steps


thanks dude, hope your doing well man!




so I set the IP and subnet etc but the device is still showing something else

is there a way to force the new config


You could boot into maintenance mode (ctrl-c) during boot.  and do opt 4 on each controller    that will wipe everything, including any data. 


Got it going, looking to do link aggregation ports so 2 ports work together 


in this case both e0a I’d like to get together 


What you're looking for is called an ifgrps.   They actually can't cross controllers.   So you could bundle e0a and e0b on the same controller together.     During a failover the IPs that use that ifgrp would move to the partner and data would continue to be served out. 


hey how do you save the running config is there a wr or some command for that

for nvram with netapp


found this http://www.datadisk.co.uk/html_docs/netapp/netapp_cs.htm

but not sure if the commands are current


are you thinking like a cisco device were you have to run something like "copy run start" to make sure it boots OK the next time?    - There's no need for this type of action on netapp.  


...or taking a backup copy just incase the root volume / aggr get corrupted?   for 7mode system, this would be a good place to start:  https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1036245/~/how-to-backup-system-configuration-files-on-the-filer-   



Yea that’s what I was thinking , because the config when I rebooted went away 


sorry about that,   give this a look over.  (been a while since I had to build a new 7mode system!)  yeah, you need to copy the same command into the etc/rc file   






does this allow for raid 6 instead of 4 ?


I cant seem to get it any higher it says raid 4 or DP


btw thanks for all the help


Hi, just had a read through this thread, are you running 7-mode or c-mode. Cause the 2040 supports both ?

Up to 8.1.4 c-mode and 8.1.4 7-mode.


yes 7 mode


Is there a requirement to run 7-mode ? Otherwise I would convert that 2040 beast to c-mode straight away 🙂


I think that's one of those " just because you can, doesn't mean you should" type things  😉 

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