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root volume size in Kb's


Hello Team,


Why my root volume size is showing in kb's? I would like to see it in GB's. Please suggest. 


vol size root
vol size: Flexible volume 'root' has size 489312016k






So change it


vol size vol0 470g



Filer>vol size root 480g
vol size: Cannot grow root volume to more than 95% of the available aggregate size which is currently 486688880k.
An attempt was made to set the root volume size to 480g.


Filer1> vol size root
vol size: Flexible volume 'root' has size 489312016k.



Hi, you will need to change the volume size as suggested by JGPSHNTAP to display the units in GB. From the Data ONTAP 8.2 Commands: Manual Page Reference For 7-Mode, Volume 1...


When displaying the flexible volume’s size, the units used have the same form as when creating the volume or setting the volume size. The specific unit chosen for a given size is based on matching the volume size to an exact number of a specific unit. k is used if no larger units match.


However, these are very large root volume sizes. Are you storing a large number of logs? It is normally recommended to only store system files in the root volume. Would a dedicated syslog volume help in your situation? Or do you have a large number of dump/crash files that could be cleared out?


Just for info...the recommended (min) root volume size for the larger controllers is only 250GB + 5% snap reserve, please see Hardware Universe for exact recommended size for your system.


Hope the info helps.