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sdcli cmd connect to RDM lun


We're migrating from a FAS-2240-2 HA Pair to Clustered Data ONTAP 9.1P1 right now.  I have about 50 virtual MSSQL servers, and Exchange 2010 DAG (one virtual, one physical) in our vSphere 6 farm (207 virtual machines, including VDI pools).


I can connect the migrated LUNs using the SnapDrive GUI (7.1.4).


I'm having problems with the syntax of a SDCLI disk connect where it won't connect the LUN.


We're using the migration tool to migrate the LUNs to the cluster, and since we have the data (MDF) luns on one filer head in our HA Pair, and the log (LDF) and snapinfo luns on the other head, I have to do 2 separate projects as we're only using one SVM for iSCSI.  When I cutover and need to connect the migrated luns, I am trying to have everything scripted so it goes faster.



sdcli disk connect -m VMNAME 
-d E -p nacluster1-iSCSI:/vol/vmname_data/qtree_vmname_data/vmname_data 
-I vmhostname iqn.1998-01.com.vmware:vmhostname-27c70b44 
-IG vmhostname vmhosts_group 
-dtype dedicated 
-ds "cdot_rdm_luns"

I believe this should work, I have tried several different permutations, the documentation is a bit sparse.


The last migration I did this morning I used the above syntax WITHOUT the -I vmhostname iqn string, and it failed saying it couldn't find the connection group.