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snapmirror issue when creating from OCSM gui


I have some older NetApp systems. 

1 - R200 running 7.3.3 (yeah i know.... 🙂 )

2 - FAS 3020 units running 7.3.7 


Running OCSM 3.1.3


We are migrating data over a FAS2240-4 array running 8.2.2 7-mode but are running into issues on both above mentioned arrays. 


1. R200 - no snapmirror license. Can i even get a snapmirror license for a unit this old? It was purchased years before i ever got to this job. 

2. when trying to setup a snapmirror relationship using the OCSM gui it tells me to choose the source and volume, but when i go to the destination it keeps giving me this error:


i have set the following commands:

options snapmirror access *

disabled SSL.v2

confirmed SSL.v3 is enabled

confirmed TLS is enabled on both units. 


i have tried from different machines but havent been able to get past this error. anyone have any suggestions? Is this a bug? i have read similar issues and people stated they needed to uninstall OCSM and java then load an older version of Java to get it working. 



i got around it by using the cli to create the snapmirror.conf file on the destination then issued a snapmirror initialize -S with the source filer:source volume destination filer:destination volume.



My other question is does NetApp have an eval license i can get from to add to my R200 so i can snapmirror that data off as well? Since the unit is obvioulsy EOL/EOS i wasnt sure if that was a possiblity.