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snapshot not visible on ESX datastore

Dear experts,

We have ESX environement with NetApp and Cisco UCS, create backup whole of datastore using netapp VSC plugin.

I'd like to know snapshot size of each virtual machine.

I looked into datastore by vCenterClient, but snapshot folder coulnd't be seen.

Snapshot visible option of the volume is on.

The datastores are mounted by iSCSI, so these options are not problem, I guess.

cifs.show_snapshot           off

nfs.hide_snapshot            off

What else should I do ?


Re: snapshot not visible on ESX datastore

You won't see the .snapshot folder on an iSCSI datastore, but even if you could it wouldn't be a good indicator of the size of the snapshot, much less the size of each vm's snapshot.  You can see the size of the snapshot of the volume containing the lun in System Manager.  If you mount it, you could see the vm snapshots but those are transient, and only used to quiesce the guest file systems prior to taking the hardware snap of the volume containing the LUN.

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