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snapshot restore using snap creator framework 4.1.2


I am using snap creator framework 4.1.2 to create a backup and restore with oracle running on top of linux server.

Of cause that I have a snap creator agent running on linux server.

I have no issue to create a backup with 30 iscsi luns in the volumes. (one time initial setup to select volumes for snapshot by using the backup option)

However, when I try to restore snapshot copy by using restore, it is very inconvenient for me to select one by one volume to restore snapshot copy. (specially when I have more than 30 volumes to restore snapshot copies.)

Does anyone have a better way to solve my issue?

We normally shut down oracle database before taking the snapshot by using the backup option and  also shutdown oralce before restore the snapshot copies.

I am running ontap cluster 8.3 version.

Any input will help.







FAQ: What is Snap Creator?




What about Restores?
Restores are supported. They are interactive and you can perform a volume restore or a file restore. Most applications will not be automatically handled, but you can automate the application piece with custom scripts or commands using PRE and POST Restore commands. Currently, the only plug-ins that handle application recovery are VMware and Lotus Domino.


looks like you need to write some scripts for you own


hopefully helps