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I know this is possible and have tried reading many posts and cant seem to figure this out. I am very very new to snapvault. I am using the simulator.


netapp1 - vol1 (primary) - 30 daily snapshots
netapp2 - vol2 (snapmirror destination for vol1)
netapp3 - vol3/qtree3 (snapvault destination) - need to store 90 daily (long term retention)


netapp1 -----SM ----netapp2------SV----netapp3


How do I achieve this? Can anyone help me with a step by step command line for snapvault. I have completed untill snapmirror part. Thanks.



This is fairly simple at this point.


Have you read the snapvault best practice guide TR-3487?


You need to use the mirror snapshot from the SM as the easiest.  I assume you are using protection manager (I advise against)





One more point, since its a cascade and you will be using the VSM snap, your VSM's will not happen while the snapvault transfer is happening


Thanks. I am not using protection manager. can you guide more with the necessary commands on the filers and the understanding if possible




As you are not using Protection Manager, R u using any other Backup Applicatio for this OR you trying to setup this on Netapp directly?


1 Way, 


a) First setup "snap sched vol1 0 30 0" => This will create 30 daily snapshots on Netapp1


b) After setting up snapmirror relation to Netapp2:vol2, update the snapmirror.conf to update the snapmirror relation regulary. Try to schedule it so it update the snapmirror after above snapshot is created.


c) Setup a snapvault relation between  Netapp2:vol2 and netapp3 - vol3/qtree3 -> configure a snapvault snap sched to a time when snapmirror finishes. 


So all 3 runs 1 after another. TR- 3487 will give u more details on Page 19.


Hope it helps