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snapvault transfer failure


We have a snap vault transfer which has failed in the last 2 days, as its lag is now 2 days.   If i look at the snapmirror logs, i see error message relating to this snapvault transfer  :


Wed Mar 21 12:43:38 PDT filerA:/vol/log22_28/qlog22_28 filerB:/vol/xvs02_sv/qlog22_28 Request (Update)

dst Wed Mar 21 12:43:39 PDT filerA:/vol/log22_28/qlog22_28 filerB:/vol/xvs02_sv/qlog22_28 Abort (destination requested snapshot that does not exist on the source)

It does an retry but still fails.   Yesterdays snapvault worked fine.

I did a snapvault status -s command on the destination, and i can see a snapshot for the volume, but when i do it for on the source system, i cannot see a snapshot for the source volume.

ANy advise on this issue.


Re: snapvault transfer failure


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Re: snapvault transfer failure


Did you resolve this issue? I have the same problem.

Re: snapvault transfer failure


Sounds as if snapshot autodelete threw away your baseline snapshot. You should always disable snapshot autodelete on the source volumes forQSM/SnapVault.

I'm afraid there's nothing you can do if the snapshot is indeed lost on the source side. Your only option is to re-start the SnapVault from scratch

do "snap list <volname>" on the source and destination, and try to find a snapshot with the exact same name on both sides.


Re: snapvault transfer failure


Hi, is it possible you could provide an example command on what would be required to marry the snapvault back up again?  you mention finding a common snapshot between them just wondered how this would form the command once you have this information?

Re: snapvault transfer failure




I am also seeing this error. "Destination requested snapshot that does not exist on the source"


I am seeing snaps being created both on the source and destination as per my schedules however I am still seeing the error


3 questions I have.


  • Does the Schedule name have to be named the same on both source and destination. I have it called SV_Hourly on the source but have given it a different schedule name on the other filer.
  • I have a snapmirror schedule running on this same volume once a week. Could that be causing the snapshot on source to be lost?
  • I havent set a tick on the Preserve old snapshot copies when I created a schedule on the source. Does this need to be ticked?


Any advice on this I would appreciate as its doing my nut in!





Re: snapvault transfer failure


quick howto setup schedule with snapvault




snap sched "sourcevol" 0 0 0 <- normaly schedule deactivated

snapvault snap sched "sourcevol" SV_daily 5@22 <- sv schedule same snapshot name on destination required if the snapshot should be transfered




vol options "destinationvol" nosnap on

snapvault snap sched -x "destinationvol" SV_daily 31@22 <- "-x" option trigger a transfer from source snapshot

snapvault snap sched "destinationvol" SV_weekly 4@so@22 <- creates a snapshot on destination vol without transfering new data from source


Re: snapvault transfer failure


Many thanks for clarifying that bit of information.


So it looks like as I want to transfer the snapshot I need to ensure the names are kept the same on both source and destination.


One additional question I have is when I delete the schedule from the destination I noticed when I go to the share path




There are still old snapshots located there. How do I remove all of these so I start with a clean slate and I only see my new schedule/s.


thank you


Re: snapvault transfer failure


thats just a normal snapshot deleting operation


you can use the oncommand system manager or on cli


snap delete -a "volname" <- delete all containing snapshots

Re: snapvault transfer failure


Thank you for your help! Much appreciated. I started off a new SV job with a schedule. Will post back after it has run a few times...

Re: snapvault transfer failure


Thank you that worked a treat! 


I am now on the next stage which is restores of these snapvaults. I created a seperate thread for this so appreciate any advice you can give me. 




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