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Restoring VMware VMFS Datastore in a Flexvol non qtree using SnapVault


Hi All


Just wondering how best I can perform restores of our VMFS volumes simply and quickly. 


We only use our NetApp to present flexvols as LUNS to our VMware environment. 


We have a number of flexvols which are NOT in a Qtree and we want to use Snapvault to be able to keep longer retentions for certain datastores.


For example we have 1 flexvol which holds our Exchange and financial system and this requires a 3 month retention. I want to be able to do the 3 month retention and then I wil use snap manager for exchange to perform the DB exchange backups for the longer retention as well.


Is someone able to provide me some steps of how best I should perform a restore either back into our Production environment from our Destination filer?


I am just trying to understand the steps or if there is a better way of performing this. The aim is to do this quickly so if a user had a lost a file and I needed to rely on a snapvault what would be the best way.

We do use snapmirror but the retention for that is only 7 days, and normally i would create a flexclone to be able to bring back a VM with the files on which is easy. Can the same apply for SV?


Also we are presenting the datastores as Fibre channel LUNs and not NFS shares.  I have made the .snapshot path available for the destination and source qtree and in there I just see the snapshot LUN.


Any advice on this for me as I am a SV newbie would be most appreciated.


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