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Destroy VMFS datastore in VSC 6




Just recently getting to grips with using VSC 6 on our vSphere 6 environment and have a question as previously i have using NetApp OCUM to provision storage. Previously I have never used VSC v4 to provison new storage. 


  • When you destory datastore uisng VSC, I can see it removes it from vCentre and deletes the LUN however the volume still remains intact with the status as online. Is this expected behaviour? Does the admin have to remove this manually. 
  • I noticed when provisioning storage using VSCwith FC LUNs, it doesnt use the initiator group created, instead it created a new initiator group with the naming as 'rcu_generated_alua'. Any reason why it does this and not use the default igroup that an admin would have created?

Many Thanks


Re: Destroy VMFS datastore in VSC 6



VSC will not delete the volumes by default.  There is a configuration you can modify to tell VSC to destroy volumes if the last LUN has been removed.  The admin guide for VSC has the steps here.


Regarding the igroup, it will only create one for each collection of hosts that the LUN is mapped to and it will be destroyed when the last LUN is removed.  I don't know for sure, but my guess is that VSC doesn't want to mistakenly "take over" an igroup that the administrator doesn't want it to...better to be safe than sorry.





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Re: Destroy VMFS datastore in VSC 6


Thanks Andrew for your reply.


I made the change as you mentioned and can confirm you have answered my first question, making that change does indeed destory the volume as well. 🙂


However I found it doesnt delete the initiator group. You said you wasn't sure but just for reference I still have to delete this manually after the volume automatically been deleted via VSC destory datastore command...



Re: Destroy VMFS datastore in VSC 6


Is is possbile to define which initiator group to use instead of the default 'rcu_generated_alua' one the VSC creates?  I'd like to use the existing one I have already that has all my hosts/targets defined already.

Re: Destroy VMFS datastore in VSC 6


I completely agree, I dont like it creating an automatically generated one, would rather it chose one of my own defined igroup to prevent any confusion but not sure if this is possible.


If I hear differently I make sure I update this post.


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