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Hi everyone,


I am using NetApp VSC version 5 on Vcenter 5.5. I am not much aware of NetApp VSC. I have taken the backups, Now i need to test this backups on DR site by restoring the VMs.

I have one datastore with 2 VMs, the size of datastore is 1TB.

Please do guide me what is the procedure to restore them. Screenshots would be appreciated.





Refer Restoring virtual machines and datastores from backup copies on page 38

Here is the video link for Restoring virtual machines and datastores from backup copies

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When i take the VM backup i.e snapshot :

it  places VMs vmdk files into consistent state flushing their wrte buffers and using
window VSS to inform any supported applications to place their data into an application consistent state.

What about datastore, what process happens at datastore level.

and also during restoration