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Talk with other users about your NetApp data storage solutions and VMware server and desktop virtualization solutions, as well as NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for VMware’s vSphere cloud computing foundation.

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Which version of VSC will support vSphere 6.7 U2?
Hello, We are building a new Windows 2016 vCenter 6.5U2G and installing VSC 6.2P2. All is workign but the Backups. The error message I get is: Unable more
Hello,   is anybody else facing with error when starting up a VM on the vVol datastore? I have an error failing to create .vSphere-HA folder for HA pr more
We are using Netapp VSC 6.2.1P1D5  to Clone virtual machines on ESXI 6.5. We have the issue that we get different maximum number of clones limits. For more
Looking to upgrade our existing SRM configuration to SRM version 8.1 (from 6.x), as it is a requirement to move to Vsphere 6.7.  Has anyone had any lu more
I am requesting for help or pointers on a VMware SRM deployment scenario. There are two sites each with a vcenter instance (6.5.1). Site A has a NetAp more
I am a few weeks away from upgrading to 9.3 and upgrading my VSC version. But I have to reduce two NFS datastores this weekend. In the past I have de more
I have a couple requests for the powershell module for VSC Please please make it more available and not convoluted in the install ISO. This (and othe more
In my vSphere environment I have a few different clusters with several different storage solutions. One of these is a Cisco Hyperflex cluster, which i more
Good Morning Everyone,I have a little predicament and I'm wondering if anyone has some insight or recommedations on a workable solution for us. We jus more