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'statistics start' with duration specified doesn't collect for entire duration



I tried to collect a statistics sample for several hours using this command:

statistics start -object cifs -instance *_svm1 -counter cifs_ops|connections|open_files|total_data -sample-id cifs -duration 360


But data was only collected for a few minutes:

XXX::*> statistics samples show

Vserver Sample ID Start Time Stop Time Status
---------------- -------------------- -------------- -------------- ----------
XXX cifs 02/03 04:00:22 02/03 04:02:54 Ready


This happened on all 8 systems I was trying this on - 5 SELECT instances of 9.6, and 3 FAS running 9.5P6.


The actual duration of the capture varies - on two of the systems it ran for about 2.5 minutes, and on the rest for about 4.5 minutes.


Am I missing something?  I ran the exact same commands during the day to test the process - I didn't wait around for the full 6 hours, but I did let it run for about 45 minutes and it was still collecting.  I don't think it's a timing issue (like something at 4AM that interrupts collections) because 3 of the systems are on UTC, but see the same behavior at the same local time as the others.





Re: 'statistics start' with duration specified doesn't collect for entire duration


Odd. I would open a case. Seems like a bug.

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