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un-assign a failed disk


hello all,


for 7-mode version [8.1.4P9], we have a failed disk as shown below:

aggr status -f

Broken disks

RAID Disk Device HA SHELF BAY CHAN Pool Type RPM Used (MB/blks) Phys (MB/blks)
--------- ------ ------------- ---- ---- ---- ----- -------------- --------------
failed 0d.42 0d 2 10 FC:B 0 FCAL 15000 418000/856064000 420156/860480768


and i need to unassign it to become like the below so we don't get alerts on our monitoring system:


disk show -n
------------ ------------- ----- ------------- -------------
0c.24 Not Owned NONE 3QP2F57F00009007MS3F


i cannot find [unassign] command, i tried to remove the disk ownership using the procedure [https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1368404/html/GUID-5025772D-C3D0-4948-B727-6E511CD0EDE7.html] but it still shows up as a failed disk


below are all the available commands for disk:


usage: disk <options>
Options are:
assign {<disk_name> | all | [-T <storage type> | -shelf <shelf name>] [-n <count>] | auto} [-p <pool>] [-o <ownername>] [-s <sysid>] [-c block|zoned] [-f] - assign a disk to a filer or all unowned disks by specifying "all" or <count> number of unowned disks
encrypt { lock | rekey | destroy | sanitize | show } - perform tasks specific to self-encrypting disks
fail [-i] [-f] <disk_name> - fail a file system disk
maint { start | abort | status | list} - run maintenance tests on one or more disks
remove [-w] <disk_name> - remove a spare disk
replace {start [-f] [-m] <disk_name> <spare_disk_name>} | {stop <disk_name>} - replace a file system disk with a spare disk or stop replacing
sanitize { start | abort | status | release } - sanitize one or more disks
scrub { start | stop } - start or stop disk scrubbing
show [-o <ownername> | -s <sysid> | -n | -v | -a] - lists disks and owners
simpull <disk_name1> [<disk_name2> [<disk_name3> ... ]] - simulate one or more disk pulls
simpush [<sim_disk_path_name1> [<sim_disk_path_name2> [<sim_disk_path_name3> ...]] | -l] - simulate one or more disk pushes or list available disks to push
zero spares - Zero all spare disks


i also need to ask if [FCAL] disks are no longer supported or it can be replaced ?


much thanks....


Re: un-assign a failed disk




You cannot remove ownership from the 'failed-disk' it is there for a reason. If the error is from DFM just acknowledge it. If you have a spare then replace it.


I would imagine FC-AL (DS-14) are end-of-life and support as well. So, as long as you have spare to support the failed disk or further failed disks you should be fine. These are un-supported shelf and Disks and therefore, you will need to move them off to SAS shelfs (Supported ones) and until then keep them monitored.


Removing ownership from a disk restrictions:


NetApp Hardware universe is the best place to get more information around END-OF-LIFE equipment and support.



Re: un-assign a failed disk


Then I will need to unfail the disk then remove its ownership, how to do that ?

Re: un-assign a failed disk


i followed these steps to make it work:

--> priv set advanced

--> disk unfail -s <DiskName>

--> disk remove_ownership <DiskName>    [assuming that auto disk assignment is already set to off]


for more details about removing the ownership:



now i can see the disk as un-owned which will prevent further alerts from our monitoring tool....

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