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update ONTAP on FAS8060 without disks attached



I will do head swap from FAS3160 to FAS8060. FAS8060 came with 8.2.2P1. I would like to update it to latest version 8.2.3P1 before swapping. Is there any documentation how to do that? I found only one discussion that touched it a bit but I would say there is a official procedure for this. My search for the procedure was not successful. Anybody has experience with update without disks?

Thank you




First, I would strongly advise to install exactly the same version as is currently installed on old head. If you want to update - update current head first, install the same version on new head.


Look e.g. at document describing boot media replacement. In summary, you need to netboot the same version as you intend to install, stop at special boot menu, select 7 for "Install new software first", wait for two reboots, stop in special boot menu again and select 6 for "Update flash from backup config". Of course, second step is possible only after you connected and reassigned disks, because it restores configuration from root volume.


I see two ways

1) Update FAS3160 to 8.2.2P1, head swap to FAS8060, update to 8.2.3P1.

2) Update FAS3160 to 8.2.3P1, prepare/update FAS8060 to 8.2.3P1, head swap


So I will update FAS3160 in both cases. It is NDU so it can be done before head swap as preparation.

The point is that I will not need second update on the live system if I'm able to prepare FAS8060 beforehand.


So in this light... can I prepare FAS8060 beforehead without disks to be ready for head swap safely? Because I'm not sure if you said that it is possible or not. You say that the second step needs disks...

Thanx for clarification


Yes, it is possible. The second step is not update of Data ONTAP - it is restoring of configuration on freshly reimaged boot media. You can skip it, but then some configuration will be reset to default (personally what I've encountered - autosupport configuration, ntp configuration, but there could potentially be more).



I didn't know that was possible without disks..


I would suggest headswap.. Make sure there are no issues and then upgrade.  Don't introdoce too much change in one sitting.  

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