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upgrade advisor shows incorrect OS instead of 8.1.2 7-MODE it shows "mainN" partner filer is ok


customer has filer ser 700001466714

when using the upgrade advisor it says Current OS "mainN" this value cannot be modified

they are actualy on 8.1.2 7-MODE and want to upgrade to 8.2.4 but cannot get the upgrade advisor to work

how can we get an upgrade advisor? the partner works fine and displays correctly.







To resolve this issue one must go to the myautosupport site, enter their serial number and click Upgrade Advisor from the column.  Hot linking to the location will not work since a session variable is not available at the time. 


that is how we found the issue. entered the serial number then selected upgrade advisor, to find out we cannot get one, since the OS was mainN.

please try withthe serial number i have given to see if it does the same for  you.