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upgrading from cdot 8.3.2 to 9.1


When trying to run the upgrade I get this error:


Volume status         Error      Error: Not all volumes are in online state,
                                 make sure all volumes are online before
                                 attempting NDU.
                                 Action: To check for offline volumes run
                                 the command: volume show -state !online


LKCCDOTAD::system node*> volume show -state !online
Vserver   Volume       Aggregate    State      Type       Size  Available Used%
--------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ---- ---------- ---------- -----
          vol0         aggr0_LKCCDOTAD_01_0
                                    -          RW            -          -     -
          vol0         aggr0_LKCCDOTAD_02_0
                                    -          RW            -          -     -


when I try to online them I get a message that they are already online. I'm at a loss to what my next step would be. These are my root volumes on each node in a HA Pair.




Re: upgrading from cdot 8.3.2 to 9.1


Hi there,


I've looked up this system in ActiveIQ - It looks like there has been a controller motherboard replaced in this cluster in the past (attempted?), and that this was not properly performed - the cluster thinks there are three nodes in it, and one is offline, which is probably the source of the problem. I suggest you should probably contact support to resolve this - contacts listed at https://mysupport.netapp.com/portal/supportassistance


Sorry, I don't think this is a simple problem..

Re: upgrading from cdot 8.3.2 to 9.1



I will do that.

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