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resyncing syncmirror plex stuck at 99% - 7dot 814 FMC


We have a 814 FMC metrocluster resyncing aggregates and it is stuck at 99% for 1 day now... any ideas? 

We have already off- and onlien the plexes and recreated the mirror once.


 raid resyncing impact is on HIGH now.


 any tips?




how bug is the aggregate? do you see any messages that would indicate problems? if the write workload is very high it can take a long time until it switches back to sync. offlining the plex can end in the resync starting over again.
Can you try to see if you can reduce write workload?

Thank you,



write workload is not too high, however the aggr is at 90% 

i am considering deletng the mirror, growing, and remirror - you thinks this speeds things up?


OK I am relieved

after a full weekend at 99% of resync state it is finally done. :-)814 is a relly good release ... better than 9.2 comparable in quality to 9.3 🙂

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