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vFiler - Multiple Networks - same VLAN


I was wondering if I can have some advice about our exisiting vFiler configurations. 


We have the following IFGRP 


ifgrp create lacp IFGRP0 -b ip e0a e0b e0c e0d


This is then set to trunk our management and iSCSI connections


vlan create IFGRP0 123 456

We then have vFiler's each with 2 ipaddresses from a single VLAN. For exmaple, vf_TEST has & When this is mapped to VMware, it can see 2 paths to the LUN. 



My question is, what benefit is there for having to paths comming from the same network aggreagate? A former colleague suggested this was the correct setup, however I cant see the benefit. 



Re: vFiler - Multiple Networks - same VLAN




Actually i dont see a benifit of using 2 IPs from same vlan.


to take a benifit and be more redundant u should use 2 vLan's and 1 IP from each vlan.


This way u can differentiate the traffic by mounting the datastores using different IPs from these 2 different vlans.




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