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vFilers configuration to single Filer interface


Hi Experts,


I am experimenting  with my Virtualmachine of DATA ONTAP for the last few weeks. 


 I am trying to create below

- vfiler1

- vfiler2


filer has got 04 network interfaces


e0a, e0b, e0c, e0d


I wanted to configure the above 02 vfilers ( vfiler1 and vfiler2) on interface e0a. so that I can mount those NFS volumes to any IP in the range say -  to 


i.e.  suppose I wanted to mount all the mounts of vfiler1 to , i should be able to do that only at host level ( where these mounts are finally mounted for applciation to use)


in summary - every vfiler should point to interface e0a and that interface should have IP ( binded ?/ mapped ? ) in the range  to 


Hope I am able to put my question through. Kindly let me know if you need more details.



Kaparwan, Manoj