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vol0 migration on ONTAP 9.7

Hi community.  I'm attemtping to retire a legacy SATA loop.  The problem it holds the root aggregate and vol0.  I've used the migrate-root command, rebooted both nodes, and can see the new aggregate being created on the SAS shelf but vol0 stays put.  Is there an extra step I am missing?




Re: vol0 migration on ONTAP 9.7

Have you tried deleting the root vol and aggr via maint mode? 

Re: vol0 migration on ONTAP 9.7

Thanks for the suggestion.  I had not considered that.  I haven't touched the ting in many years and am a little rusty.  I'll give that a shot.  So it would be safe to decommission the SATA loop, reboot into maintenance mode and have setup create a new root agg/vol?  

Re: vol0 migration on ONTAP 9.7

Maybe I misread this...  So you're just trying to decom a stack of SATA drives,  that stack contains the root aggr / root volume for the node?     And you ran through probably this KB to relocate the root aggr? 





Re: vol0 migration on ONTAP 9.7

Exactly.  That and other posts across the net.  It's just not working.  We are moving our studio across town.  Downsizing the data center.  I need to be rid of this loop and send to e-recycle.  26U of space to be saved.

Re: vol0 migration on ONTAP 9.7

so in the KB @SpindleNinja  linked to, where does it fail? do you see some error message in the following command?


job show -name "Root Aggregate Migration Job" -instance


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