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vol0 migration on ONTAP 9.7


Hi community.  I'm attemtping to retire a legacy SATA loop.  The problem it holds the root aggregate and vol0.  I've used the migrate-root command, rebooted both nodes, and can see the new aggregate being created on the SAS shelf but vol0 stays put.  Is there an extra step I am missing?





Have you tried deleting the root vol and aggr via maint mode? 


Thanks for the suggestion.  I had not considered that.  I haven't touched the ting in many years and am a little rusty.  I'll give that a shot.  So it would be safe to decommission the SATA loop, reboot into maintenance mode and have setup create a new root agg/vol?  


Maybe I misread this...  So you're just trying to decom a stack of SATA drives,  that stack contains the root aggr / root volume for the node?     And you ran through probably this KB to relocate the root aggr? 






Exactly.  That and other posts across the net.  It's just not working.  We are moving our studio across town.  Downsizing the data center.  I need to be rid of this loop and send to e-recycle.  26U of space to be saved.


so in the KB @SpindleNinja  linked to, where does it fail? do you see some error message in the following command?


job show -name "Root Aggregate Migration Job" -instance


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