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Data ONTAP Release History


I would like to know the release history of Data ONTAP.

Does anyone have any information about these ONTAP's release date ?

  - Data ONTAP 5.0

  - Data ONTAP 5.3

  - Data ONTAP 6.0

  - Data ONTAP 6.3

  - Data ONTAP 7.0

  - Data ONTAP 7.3

  - Data ONTAP 8.0




How exact do you need this information? It will take some time to dig out.


Also, if I may ask any reason in particular this is needed?

Thank you, Paul.

I'm working in CTC Japan.  CTC is the largest NetApp reseller in Japan.

We, NetApp support team in CTC, have a plan to publish internal news

letter for Sales and SEs in CTC.  And we would like to put ONTAP's

historical information on the letter.  So it is enough for me to know

which year these ONTAPs are released.

And if I can have devlopment code "Beer" names such as "Full Sail",

"Anchor Steam", "Becks",  "Guinnes", ... for ONTAPs, it is very funny

and interesting.


I don't think I'm authorized to give the internal code name information away. I'd go through your formal NetApp representative for that information. Sorry to deflect, but I'd rather go through proper channels.


Could I have release years of these ONTAP versions ?



I could get ONTAP release date from "Software Change Log" page on Support Site.

Thank you very much,

Kenji Toyooka, CTC, Tokyo Japan