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SnapCenter Host Log Directory With Multiple SQL Instances




We are in the midst of pushing out the SnapCenter SQL plug-in. We have at least one standalone server with two SQL instances. Under SMSQL we set up a SnapInfo LUN for each SQL instance. Under the SnapCenter plug-in, it appears that I must set up a single LUN for the whole host, not per instance. Is that accurate? If not, how would I add the second LUN since there's only one "configure host directory" link?


Adding to my confusion is the fact that there is a separate host log directory per SQL instance if the instances are in a Windows Failover Cluster, at least if I'm reading the Best Practices Guide correctly. It appears that you fill out a "FCI" log directory for each instance in this case.



To update this thread: somewhat remarkably, I've been informed that there is no way to match the SnapManager for SQL behavior and have a separate Host Log Directory for each SQL instance if the instances are on a standalone system. I've also been informed that there is a RFE that was added a long time ago asking for this feature, but it is "not prioritized" for the next SnapCenter release. I'm now asking what the best practice is for someone in my situation where we have multiple instances and don't have the functionality.


Same situation but with 5 instances and staggered backups. This gives too many snapshots and vault data is hard to keep in sync. Can someone think large scale, pls.


There is an enhancement request for - "Allow user to configure different log directory for different standalone instance running on same host."

It doesn't seem to be targeted for any specific release yet.



@mrahul please pass on feedback that this is unacceptable. This is CRITICAL functionality. They are trying to push us to move to SnapCenter but don't have the same capabilities as SnapManager for SQL! We are on OnTAP 9.3 right now only because we're waiting for SnapCenter to patch an even more critical bug. But I still don't know what we'll do with multiple standalone instances.

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