ONTAP Hardware

4 Old 3020s and a bunch of shelves


Same sob story....company shuts down and liquidates all its hardware.

I didn't want to see it in a landfill so I put it in my lab. (yes i know about simulators but physical is more fun)

The old company decided to "scramble" the drives (move them around) so when you boot they cannot find the root file system meaning I cannot look up the license information....

Is there a way around this? I have 4 10k FC shelves, 4 15k FC shelves, and 1 SATA shelves.

By day I support 6 3PAR's, 1 Pure  and 6 NetApps (3220s) so I thought this would be fun to have this in my private lab environment even if its stuck on OnTap 7.

Any help would be great!

Also is there better community for these older FAS' or how to repurpose them?



License information is present on support site, even if no current maintenance agreement exists you still should be able to lookup licenses for your systems.


What is the proper way of going about looking up the licenses.....I, personally,  am not a reseller so my account is pretty limited. I don't want to have these serials in my day jobs corporate account because they are for me personally for my personal lab.

Thanks for the quick reply!


Oh, I thought the belonged to your company. If not, unfortunately, you need to either find someone who owned them or try to ask NetApp or original reseller. Sorry for confusion.


Call sales @ 1-888-4-NetApp. The system's serial number can be used to look up your sales order number for that system. With that they can look up any licenses purchased for that system. If there are any active licenses left they can provide those to you.


Nicholas Lee Fagan