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Managing Volume Sizes for CIFS Shares


Volume Sizes – CIFS Shares – Business Units

Clustered OnTap 8.2.1

Opinions / thoughts for management of volumes




I have inherited a system where the CIFS shares are created based on business divisions.

Each share is at the volume level and in each volume, there are qtrees for the entities within a business division. Qtrees are used for chargebacks. Total used space is around 175 TB…give or take.

All of the volumes are TDP SnapMirrored.


While I understand that I can have large volumes, I am a bit concerned about managing 20TB plus volumes and the impact of growth with the current design. I have had to manage 500TB to 1PB single namespace systems and it’s all good until time to perform maintenance tasks or scan the entire file system or something unforeseen.


So to get to the point and specific questions:


  1. For those of you with thousands of users accessing your shares, what size do you like to keep your volumes?
  2. Do you try to maintain a specific max volume size?
  3. What methods do you use to maintain an organized structure, with a given set of shares and maintaining a max-volume size limit?
  4. Anyone using widelinks to maintain common shares, while allowing for smaller volume divisions?


Am I overthinking things or should I be a bit concerned with the current strategy I have inherited?


Thanks in advance for your opinions!