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7mode performance monitoring




I have a customer who has reported slow read and write times to the Netapp 7mode storage device. I'm not very familiar with Netapp 7mode as i am with clustered mode. Are there any tools for monitoring performance of 7mode? I need to able to identify what is causing slow iops and rectify the problem. It seems to be only affecting one vfiler as other departments that use other filers have not reported any issues.


We have checked accessing the storage from other pc's and from different subnets to eliminate pc or network issues.



Any guidance on this will be greatly appreciated.





Performance Advisor is a suitable tool to use to verify the performance of the 7-Mode Netapp systesm.


You can also use Graphana -> This is a free based tool.


You can also run CLI Based commands like "sysstat" to check the performance of Netapp.


As you mentioned it's only 1 particular vFiler, then i would be interested on how the vfiler is configured (NFS/CIFS Options, vlan configuration, ports used for vlan etc..)


Hope this helps.





Hi Raj


Many thanks for you reply.


How do i get Performance Advisor? I've had a quick look at Graphana which i believe links in with Netapp Harvest. I will give this a try, however i would like to try Performance Advisor first. Any guidance on this would be much appreciated.