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Best practice for a shelf behinda v3140


Hey all,

I was wondering what type of practice should be used when adding disk to a shelf (unknown from customer) to a v3140 controller. I just need to quote out raw disk for now before the actual call with them...

So would it be best to populate a shelf with a full 12/24 drives all the way? Right now I was looking at adding 12x 600GB FC and 12x 750GB or 500GB SATA on the quote and then go with the configurator tool from there..would this be the best option for what details I have?




You can't mix NetApp disk in aggregates with 3rd party disk... so it comes down to the same sizing you would do on any NetApp controller.  Usable disk and performance... 12 or 24 depends if it meets your IOP and MB requirement and space.

Also, when using NetApp shelves on v-series... we set an environment variable on ports used for netapp shelves... for example, setenv fc-non-array-adapter-list "0b,0d" if 0b and 0d are connecting to shelves.  We don't have to do this with 8.1 but likely you are on 7.3 or 8.0 and rc1 code.


Hi Scott,

I appreciate the response for this one. I'm still going through the Exchange configuration sizer to get the exact amount of what they will need.

I believe the shelf they have is empty. So for now I will quote out 12 disks FC and SATA (Seperate quotes) and then figure out all the IOP/MB requirements.