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Capacity upgrade - Where to add disks?


Greetings --

I'm just getting started with NetApp.  May I ask for help with wrapping my brain around a capacity upgrade? Because I could sure use it.

My filer is a V3240 HA pair, running DOT 8.0.2RC1 7-mode.  Each filer has 256GB of Flash Cache.  Also six initiators and four storage FCPs.

Current native disk is 1x DS4243 with 24x 1TB SATA disks.  One filer has 12x disks in a RAID group, the other has 11x.  There is 1x spare.

(FWIW my back-end array LUNs are mapped from 3x EMC Clariion CX3-20s.)

I have 2x DS4243 en route from my vendor. The first is loaded with 12x 1TB SATA disks. The second is loaded with 24X 1TB SATA disks.

I'm 100% uncertain of how to divvy up the new disks between RAID groups and filers.  (By this point I've typed and deleted several NetApp-newbie theories ......to prevent embarassment.)

Can someone help me down the road a bit?

Thank you

Tim ==

w8.0.2RC1 7-Mode:8.0.2RC1 7-Mode:GreetingsG


RAID group sizes is always a tricky one, you may want to work your way through this thread as it has some useful info: http://communities.netapp.com/thread/1587?tstart=0