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Create 10k 15k mixed aggregate in CDOT 8.3, is it possible?


I wanna create one aggregate coutained 10k and 15k disks in CDOT 8.3.


I know it could in DOT 7.


But is it possible in cDOT 8.3?


Please let me know.







Whenever possible, you should use disks of the same speed in an aggregate. However, if needed, you can configure Data ONTAP to allow mixed speed aggregates based on the disk class.

To configure Data ONTAP to allow mixed speed aggregates, you use the following RAID options:
• raid.mix.hdd.rpm.performance
• raid.mix.hdd.rpm.capacity

When these options are set to on, Data ONTAP allows mixing speeds for the designated disk class.
Performance disk types are FC and SAS; capacity disk types are BSAS, FSAS, MSATA, and ATA.
By default, raid.mix.hdd.rpm.performance is set to off, and raid.mix.hdd.rpm.capacity
is set to on.
Even if Data ONTAP is not configured to allow mixing speeds, you can still create aggregates out of
disks with different speeds by setting the -allow-mixed parameter to true.


For more information refer Physical Storage Management Guide : https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMP1636022

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